Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paul's Blog

My little bro has a blog! He's got videos from our road trip, some of his original music and pictures. He's pretty awesome, so you're gonna want to check it out.

Yeah, the picture doesn't have anything to do with Paul's blog, but I wanted to post a picture and Figs is so cute when he has his morning Dunkin'. (It was kind of mean of me to put his coffee so high off the ground, wasn't it?)


  1. I wish I could figure out how to leave a comment on his blog. I am more than a little ashamed that you two are so clueless about telling time!
    PS Why isn't that cat using his straw?

  2. You got pretty good at leaving comments on my blog, mom!
    A new video should be up by the time you read this comment. Probably. It all depends on the internet. Maybe by 1 or 2 pm your time?
    And that Figaro is a smart little kitty.